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Here’s How to Find the Right Tattoo Artist Apprenticeship

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Here’s How to Find the Right Tattoo Artist Apprenticeship

Tattooing is an art based on apprenticeship. Usually, a traditional apprenticeship lasts for 3 years. Many aspiring tattoo artists follow this route if they really wanted to be successful in tattooing industry. There are many things to learn when you want to become a tattoo artist – the variable you should learn include machine adjustment, machine building, different skin conditions, design selection and color, pigment variations and reactions, as well as medications that can affect tattooing. There are certain medications that might affect tattooing that’s why you should know every measure to keep yourself and your clients safe – always remember that trial and error approach is criminal. Tattooing places the overall well-being and health of your clients at risk; not only that since you can even risk your own life too as the author of their tattoo. That’s why you should learn from professional and experienced artists the safety measures that should be done during your apprenticeship. In that way, you can be able to avoid costly mistakes.

In past few years, many schools have opened a class and claim that they teach tattooing artistry. However, most of these schools will just turn you out in few months. Of course it can be your option, yet a poor one. Generally, there’s no way you can be able to learn all the things that you should know about machines, skin, infection control and design selection in just a span of 6 months, whether you’re in Houston (Credit Glory Credit Repair (713) 766-1595) or Miami. In addition to that, you can’t win the respect and trust of your peers too – that can be very essential in your chosen industry.

Finding the right mentor for your apprenticeship is not easy and your apprenticeship itself usually takes lots of persistence. It can help if you have tattoos since an individual who isn’t tattooed doesn’t present a compelling argument for entering such profession. If you aren’t tattooed, you won’t be able to help your first timer clients make very important decisions about size, placement, and selection. In addition to that, it also shows that you are not showing solid commitment to the tattoo industry and community.

Rarely, an apprenticeship can be free. You wouldn’t expect to attend training without paying fees or tuition so never expect an artist to offer you with the needed tools for making money without expecting something in return. To legalize everything, you can make a contract and get a lawyer to help you with everything related to your apprenticeship. Your apprenticeship is a formal business arrangement and both the artist as well as you as the apprentice has certain obligations and responsibilities that should be met. Make sure that you both know what your terms and obligations are.

When looking for a shop where you want to have your apprenticeship, try to make an effective artwork portfolio. Make designs that are related to tattoo flash as it would be the most appropriate. However, anything that showcases your skill as an aspiring tattoo artist with line, color and composition would be good enough. Lastly, you should set appointments in order to talk to your chosen tattoo artists in your area. That is a sign that you are the formal kind who respects them much.


Income for Inking? It’s Possible.

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Income for Inking? It’s Possible.

The art of tattooing has been practiced for so long that goes way back to the early centuries wherein many cultures and races from around the world enjoy such self-expression of artistry. Tattoo is also an aesthetic means to lay out one’s beliefs, inspirations, and aspirations in life. Today, we can not neglect the fact that there is a steadily-increasing number of those who want to get inked. And to correspondingly meet the current demands of this exceptional tattooing phenomenon, there is a need for a great number of skilled tattoo artists all over the globe. Well, there is no problem about this because many want to be one. Why? One reason is for a fact that the business of tattooing offers ease when it comes to earning money, and as opposed to other careers out there, being a tattooist is not irksome. In fact, it is a truly enjoyable career especially if you desire to really get under people’s skin.

Now, if you are one of those who are interested on becoming a professional tattoo artist, remember the following points you can consider that can help you become a well-known tattooist.

No degree, no entry?

Unlike any other professional careers out there, being a tattoo artist calls upon no educational requirement because there is no specific course or degree that teaches how to be an expert at getting someone inked. And since tattooing is an expression of art, it is usually handed down and learned only through numerous trainings and practice. Thus, do not worry if you do not have any college degree because you do not actually need one.

Entertain the raw

What you need is actually a raw talent in arts. Note that a tattoo can be considered great if it is drawn exceptionally. In that event, to be an artist is to be good at drawing and to be someone who possess the right stuff to produce notable designs with perfect details. If you have such raw talent in arts, then you have a great chance to be a tattooist.

Improve your talent

Now that you are actually adept with great artistry, better improve it. Take some art classes, ask help from the experts and learn from them, read books and materials to get yourself familiar with new techniques, and on top of it, be sure to always practice. By doing so, you will no doubt sharpen your competency and prepare yourself to the bigger world.

Create an impressive portfolio

Once you have shaped up, you must now compile your works of art in a binder called a portfolio. This will be your tool in showing others your style and your ability as a versatle artist.

Be an apprentice

After building your portfolio, it is now time for you to undergo trainings called apprenticeship. It is finding an excellent tattoo artist who has been in the trade for no less than 5 years and getting yourself taught by him. By being an apprentice, you will learn how to competently get someone inked. Also, you will learn other important things such as how to rightfully operate a tattoo machine and clean it safely. Basically, the trainings you will undergo during apprenticeship are crucial in honing you to be a professional tattooist.

Income for Inking

All the lessons you have learned by being an apprentice will lead you to your test of becoming a certified tattoo artist. If you have successflly passed your test and earned your license, you can now start earning income for inking others.